The College of Mount St. Joseph, Informational Graphics, student work


24” x 18” Posters on Human Trafficking, containing line graphs, bar charts and pie charts from student research on the subject.

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The College of Mount St. Joseph Informational Graphics, student work


CO2, Has Earth Reached Its Threshold, create an exciting information graphic that shows how CO2 comes out of Asia and blows across the Pacific Ocean into America.

The College of Mount St. Joseph, Informational Graphics, student work


HOW TO, create an exciting information graphic that shows how to do something in a minimum of 5 steps.

The College of Mount St. Joseph, Digital Design, student work


WordPlay – Monthly Calendar of Events, Client based project. Assignment was to create a poster to hold monthly events.

Mississippi State University, Fundamentals of Design, student work


                 Exploring major design principles, graphic reduction, texture, color and concept.

Create economy in two-panel design using a line, leaf and letter.

Texture tiles and a word: See and visually control figure/ground relationships that includes texture, and pattern in a dialogue of using visual principles and composition.

Project: OMG – Recreate a photograph using Adobe Illustrator

Concave and convex curves based on handheld objects, painted in gauche or acrylic.

Basic design elements

Design a graphic sign (doughnuts ahead, do not shave and put on                                                                  makeup while riding a tricycle), scan concept, recreate in Adobe Illustrator

Project: Days of future past – Photoshop basics, student puts themselves into a classic photo from the past.

Mississippi State University, Drawing I, student work


                 Exploring mass gesture, line, perspective, charcoal wash, installation and responsive concepts in their work.

Perspective in architecture,    drawing from life

Still life charcoal drawings

Charcoal drawings of cups and bones installation

Your World project is about taking what you know about perspective and creating your own world

Charcoal wash exploring the negative space

Mississippi State University, Drawing II, student work


                 Pastries and Candy. Large pastel drawings on 24″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper.

                 Final 2D in 3D Space project, two parts:

                                First – Choose a subject matter. Make sure it is dynamic, exciting, and colorful. Buy items, or locate the

                                object/s you want to draw.  Include the space, or at least a creative section of the space in your drawing.


                                Second – Document the work in the space. Hook, suspend, or hold the drawing in a perspective that will

                                cause the drawing to blend into its surroundings. Photograph of it. Make a good print at 8” x 10”,

                                mounted on black board, of your drawing showing off its relationship to the 3D space in which it exists..

Mississippi State University, Life Drawing, student work


                 Our projects for the year ranged from sketchbook assignments, gestures, portraits, sustained gestures, oversized drawings,

                 extended poses on color paper, and pastels.

25 hands and 25 feet sketchbook homework assignment

Gesture drawings

Self portrait drawn in front of a mirror

Groups of students draw oversized clothed model to be installed in hallways

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